to spread the love of Christ to all nations.

Our mission is to not only reach 1% of the Lehigh Valley, but to also spread the love of Christ through ALL nations.

Missions OppOrtunities

Our next visit to Cuba will be for a Youth Conference. The conference is 4 days three night and is scheduled for August 8 – 11 and we will leave Cuba and come home on the Monday the 12. We will leave to go to Cuba either the 5 or the 6 depending on ticket prices.

To get the best price on airfare we need to get them as early as possible so if you would like to go, the first thing you should get, if you don’t already have it, is a passport. If you already have it, make sure that it is at least good until the end of this year and has 4 empty pages in it. I believe this is what they recommend on the web.

The ages for this youth conference are wider than we expected, 15 to 30 years of age. Based on the age of the youth we will need two or three adults, of which I will be one. We will need at least one female adult if we are taking female youth.

We will be collecting and taking tools with us this next trip to Cuba. So short handle shovels, pick-axes, sled hammers, grinders, electric tools, hammers and masonry tools. If we can take two or three of any of these we will being doing very well. They might need a lot more than that but we can’t possible take them everything they need in one trip.

Pastor Yunio would like to have the conference in Matanzas City, which is the capital of Matanzas regions and is a very nice city on the water. The plans are still in the works. He believes he can get what he needs for 4 days and 3 night for $3000, which will be part of what our gift to the Cuban churches will go towards. We committed to half and the rest of our gift will go to projects. If the church from San Diego does not make it, we may be paying the whole bill. I told Pastor Yunio we will come prepared to do either but the latter plan would probably mean no gift for projects. If he is unable to get that he will go to plan B which is 3 days and 2 nights for the same price.

Once I get a list of names and contact information, I will be sending out updates regularly as I receive them. We will have meetings and can discuss anything that needs to be discussed. What I don’t know, I will reach out until I can get the answer. Communication is not very easy with those in Cuba but it is getting better every month.

God bless you all and I look forward to sharing what I can with all of you about our brothers and sisters in Christ in beautiful Cuba.



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